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Keep It Clean week after week with TechnoFresh!

Washing Machine Cleaner

The Story :

Many new, front loading and top loading clothes washing machines develop odors due to black mold, fungus, mildew and bacteria slime growing on material coating the internal plumbing and door gasket.

The material comes from microscopic fibers of wool, cotton, linen and silk. It also  comes from other sources like tomato sauce, gravy, dirt and other “ barnyard ” soils.

These things are mixed with the gooey detergent that then coats the internal plumbing.  

The  growth is the source of diaper rash, jock itch and other itching problems that seem to come and go for no particular reason. .


The nasties are also the cause of smelly wet towels, sour T-shirts and other clothes that smell like mildew after being used or worn for a short time.

 Sometimes the machine itself smells so bad the entire house is affected.

If you only do a few loads of laundry a week, there are days where the  washing machine just sits.

The water that is left standing in the machine has plenty of time to grow black mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria slime on the residue left on the plumbing.

 This is called a biofilm because it is a mixture of a lot of organisms.

If a machine is used a lot, the biofilm does not have much time to grow and can be flushed out before the odors become a problem.

 But that does not always happen.


 If the organisms do not get flushed out, they are transferred to your laundry and then the odor blooms after the laundry gets damp again with sweat or just humidity

Some people have machines that smell and others have clothes that smell.

 In either case, there are nasties of some kind in the machine that are getting transferred to the laundry.

The odor just shows up in different locations.

It is also very common for the gasket to have a range of mold problems while the machine does not have odor issues.

Every case is unique.

That is why the suggestions from friends and neighbors don't work for you.


The Problem:

Until TechnoFresh® came along, the only method of controlling laundry odor and rashes caused by the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria slime in the washing machine were monthly shock clean treatments of various kinds (Tide, Affresh, Smelly Washer, etc.).

These shock clean treatments often fail to remove all the biofilm growth and detergent build up in the machine.

This failure to completely cleaner the machine allows biofilm growth and odor to come back quickly after a shock treatment.

The growth return is exponential through time.

The shock treatment may (seem to) clean the machine.


For about 7- 10 days or so, the smell is gone from the machine and laundry.


  For the next  7-10 days or so, the laundry starts to smell a little.

The next 7-10 days the mold, mildew and bacteria slime are back and the machine smells and the laundry is back to to smelling like mildew.

A week or so after that you get knocked back on your butt when you open the door.

(No, really, I once was hit with a blast so foul I jumped back by reflex and almost crushed the dog. That is when the need for something that actually worked to control odor occurred to me)

The problem is that the growth explodes in the last part of the month so it can be difficult to time the next shock treatment.

How infested the machine and laundry get through the month depends on how well you time the shock treatments.

Even if you time things well, you still are getting some mold and mildew residue on clothes, sheets and diapers all through the month.

Some loads have more mold and fungus residue on them than other loads.

 That is why the problem seems to come and go in a random manner for no reason. Random rashes and itching are very common. 

You can run shock treatments every week or two to try to stay ahead of the growth curve.

But, that is a lot of trouble and can get expensive.

And, you have to remember to do it.


TechnoFresh® is different.

 It sanitizes the load it is used in.

Then it continuously suppresses growth during the period of time between wash days.

Continued use refreshes the TechnoFresh®  trapped in the buildup of detergent.

The biofilm is under control and the odor does not come back. It is the simple solution.

The materials that are used in TechnoFresh® are food preservatives, common bactericides, fungicide used in cosmetics and other supporting chemicals that are all listed by the FDA as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS)

TechnoFresh® uses them in a washing machine that rinses out all the materials half way through the wash cycle.  No worries!


You must never use more than two TABLESPOONFUL of any liquid detergent.

  The very limited amount of water used in HE machines requires a minimum amount of detergent.

Use only enough to cover the bottom of the measuring cup cap from the detergent bottle.

The measuring marks on the cap are there to get you to use a lot of their super expensive detergent.

You get the odor problem if you do.

A very little amount of water, a very little amount of detergent , and a very, very little amount of TechnoFresh® should end up returning washday to a sure thing again. 


The Best Answer:

So, if you are blessed with a high tech, high efficiency, high priced clothes washer, and the other methods don't work ---

Or, you just want to be confident that the black mold and biofilm infestation is under continuous control so you are not contaminating the laundry through the month. ---

You will need to move up to a better, more effective method.... Just as I needed to.

That better, more effective method is TechnoFresh®

Packet and tablet shock cleaners might work

TechnoFresh® is Guaranteed to work.!