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Mystery Dark Spots 
Smudges on Laundry


Dryer Mildew  Smells

Washing Machine Stains:

Mysterious Dark Spots or Smudges After Washing and Drying

I don't know if you want to put this detail into your file of cases:  For some reason, the loads of "darks" seem to smell more than the colors or the whites, and oddly so.  Some of the clothes smell right out of the dryer and I hurl them into the pile to be washed again, but some insidiously smell OK when I take them out of the dryer and fold them to be worn, but after several hours of being worn they begin to stink, and become more and more overpowering the longer I have them on!  I can barely get home in time to take them off again in despair -- In one case I nearly purchased another blouse just to get rid of the horrible "B.O." smell that had "blossomed" over the hour or two I'd had the garment on!


It seems that cold water or softened water are very poor at removing all the body oils and food stains from fabrics. This causes very thin (invisible) layers to accumulate over time.  But not enough to see the residue. This provides an organic surface for the contaminated detergent to attach to. Just like it attaches to the plumbing. This is a food source for the nasties and creates the Mystery Spots and odors. The spots are probably mold or mildew that grow enough on the fabric in the short time the garment is in the dryer to cause the stain.

Add to that: Cold water / soft water are not good at rinsing out the detergent and fabric softener either so they stick to the oils and it makes things worse than normal. Just think of what it is like rinsing shampoo from your hair with cold water or soft water. It takes a while...and the machine timer / sensor does not know that. It can stop the rinse cycle before all the stuff has been removed from the fibers.

Add to that: Most people use way too much detergent so there is a lot to rinse away.

 Put it all together and its a plausible scenario. This scenario is an educated guess based on the info available. But the solution given below seems to have worked for a lot of people. So, I’ll bet I’m close to being right...

This problem is an indication that you have biofilm growing inside your machine.

Run a Super Shock or two to blast it.


If you have these problems (only some people do..), you need to wash in hotter water every now and then to get the body oil, sweat, food stains and detergent residue to release from the fibers. This is because the oils, sweat, and excess detergent is the food source for the nasties (mildew) that cause the stains.

    Then wash as normal adding a small amount of TechnoFresh® to make sure you don’t get spots until it is time for another hotter wash as determined by your habits. This definitely works as shown by the emails from the customer project at the end of this page.

Also Use as a Sport Wash:

Sporting clothes that wick moisture using polypropylene or other synthetics:

These items can develop a musty, not quite clean smell over time. This is due to the body oils also wicking along the fabric and remaining after washing in cold/cool water as directed.

After washing and rinsing as normal, soak these items in a cool to warm TechnoFresh® solution (1 oz in 1 gallon) overnight to remove the nasties that are remaining on the surface and especially down in any pores in the fabric that are causing the odor. Rinse the items thoroughly.


This was the comment that started the dark smudge project:

Quite frankly, Thomas, I really do have more important things to do in my life than to make up stories like this!!

I've attached a file containing 24 pages of internet complaints and some alleged solutions on the same or similar problems.

(I’ve always wondered if those two lines were meant to be ironic... or not...  ;-)

I am trying to take some photos of my spotted shirts, but because the spots are on dark colored tops and t-shirts, they are hard to see.

Thomas, my question about these spots is WHY do they occur in the first place.  I do not have a problem treating them with a stain remover and rewashing them.  Now that they are treated, the second washing removes the stains THAT WERE NOT ON THE CLOTHES BEFORE THE FIRST WASHING --

This is another time that a customer has contributed to the solution of a problem.

I provided the test ideas and the customer did all the real work.

Anyway, here are the two emails:



-----Original Message-----

From: thomas []

Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2010 4:59 PM


Subject: RE: TechnoFresh

Ahhh...young not fear....Doctor Thomas has never lost a patient ...yet...

Why oh why only on the chest area of dark shirts.......

This has to be a very important fact .....somehow...


Lets assume you have mold in the outside tub

Most of it gets flushed out but some can remain distributed over the laundry.

(this is actually very common in contaminated machines but it normally does not have anything to grow on so you don’t see the spots)


OK  here is a wild scenario regarding why this is happening only on certain types of laundry and only in certain but “random” areas:

Given: The areas of the shirts that are more likely to have sweat and body oils on them are also more likely to have the black spots.

Given: Dark clothes are washed in cold / cool water.

A very thin residue of oils and greases could be left behind and the detergent attaches to it.

All this provides food for the mold and nasties......

This is starting to make sense...

It is very hard to remove body oils, pizza grease and similar stuff in cold water.

Next, the detergent residue and gunk from the machine that is floating in the water is deposited on the laundry.

The areas with deposits of body oils, pizza grease and stuff will encourage growth much faster than a really clean area.

So, you get splotches and dots “randomly” growing on the piece of clothing as the load goes through the dryer. Wow, the mildew must grow really fast for there to be stains so quickly....or there is a lot more contamination growing in the machine than is assumed so it leaves a lot on the garments.


OK.... here is an experiment.

Take three items that should show the black spots.

Soak them in a solution of 2 cups vinegar, 1 oz table salt and 1 oz of dishwasher detergent mixed in a gallon of hot water for an hour. Sorry it has to be hot but not scalding hot..

This is a mild "water based organic stripper" formula that should remove any light weight oils and greases from the items. It will also remove any detergent residue from the last wash.

It also looks mysteriously like my Super Shock treatment........

(It also works really good getting the sweat stains out of baseball caps and when cleaning (soaking) pool filters. Oils from people can be very tenacious.)

Now, rinse and let dry.

Then throw these items into the washer with a load the should show spots

What happened?


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2010 11:36 AM
Subject: RE: Nu Fresh


I have been doing some "experiments" on the spot problem.

I have come to the conclusion that it is probably the HE detergent.

(She is correct: Detergent sticks to the oil coated fibers much more than the clean fibers. And then, it doesn’t rinse out and causes the problem -- just like it sticks to plumbing and does not rinse out easily with hard or cold water.)

Here's why:

Let's start with the navy blue, black and red T-shirts that are affected.

Before laundering them, the front of these shirts had some food spots and I guess some sweat, usually in the chest area.  What's puzzling after  laundering is that dark spots show anywhere on the shirt -- not just on the food spots -- and sometimes the dark spots do not appear on the food spots.

I started out following your experiment below.  Process: Shirts that should show spots were put through your mild organic stripper process, rinsed, dried, put in washer with shirts that should show spots, but were NOT put through mild organic stripper process, then all shirts put in washer, withno more than a tablespoon with Tide HE detergent in dispenser, followed by 3/4 scoop of TechnoFresh.  RESULT:  Shirts that went through organic stripper process had spots after drying -- but very few.  Shirts that did not go through organic stripper process had A LOT OF SPOTS after drying.I then tried the same process, but put the HE detergent and your product in the drum instead of the dispenser before inserting clothing.

Result:  Spots after drying -- no difference whether clothes were put in the washer before dispensing of soap -- or mixing the soap in the drum, then inserting clothing.

Then I needed to see if I could get rid of the dark spots.

Strayed each spot on each shirt with a degreaser, put the shirts into the washer WITHOUT detergent, but used 1/2 scoop of NuFresh - RESULT:  After drying NOT one spot.

I then started to separate the dark colored shirts from the rest of the laundry and "hand laundering" them.  I use your organic stripper process, still wet, put clothing in washer, 1/2 scoop of NuFresh, wash on WARM -

After drying NOT one spot.

Alternatively, I also sprayed a degreaser over the full front of unlaundered shirts, washed in a bucket of Dawn dishwashing soap (did not do the mild organic stripper process), put clothing in washer, 1/2 scoop of NuFresh, wash on WARM - After drying NOT one spot.

I have been using  HE detergent, no more than 1 tablespoon and 1/2 scoop of NuFresh with all other laundry, other than darks, no spots on clothes.

Perhaps there are spots but do not show up on light clothing ??  Thanks to your product, the clothes ALWAYS smell great.

I have withheld using  HE detergent on dark clothing throughout the month and have not had spots.  I have not tried another brand of HE detergent.

What do you think?

I love your product.  Never stop making it.

I'm putting in another order!



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