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TechnoFresh® Really Does Work !

Most of our customers have found this site
 because other products have disappointed them.

We understand. So, We offer a

Money Back Guarantee!

Please make sure the size you buy,
 matches the problem you have.

In some situations it can take a while for the TechnoFresh® effect to take control of the machine.

So, After you use an entire bottle of TechnoFresh®
and are not satisfied for any reason,
we will be happy to refund your purchase and you keep the bottle.

You can't lose.


(Freshie D’Bear is our original mascot from 2008)

The high quality bottles

The TechnoFresh® price includes the re-usable camping bottle from Nalgene. Often used for food and water storage.

 We buy in bulk and get a really good discount.

Surprisingly, the Nalgene cost is not much more than a cheaper disposable containers.

Also, instead of expensive standard die-cut labels from a print shop, we use really, really, really cheap labels we print ourselves so the total cost is a “wash” .

(You are just going to peel them off in a few months anyway. So, we go for practical function not marketing hype.)


Essentially, you are getting the high quality bottle for free.

And TechnoFresh always works!

What a Bargain


What Size Should I Buy?

OK, There are roughly two levels of odor problems.

Mild to Average odor problems involve the laundry itself smelling after it is used. A 1 LB  bottle should get the odor under control if you have a mild problem.You probably run enough loads you don't need much TechnoFresh®.

For removing mold from the door gasket in a machine that does not have an odor problem, or for people with only the mystery smudge problems a 1 LB bottle should be more than enough.

However, most people find this site because they have a tough problem.

Tough problems are when the laundry or towels, the machine itself, the laundry room, or the whole house have odor issues. You will probably want to purchase 2 LBS .

I recommend the 2 lb. JAR with scoop for you first purchase with the other sizes for refills.

Follow the instructions on the TechnoFresh® Instructions page, The Wash Schedules page and the Super Shock page for best results. 

Once the machine is under control it does not take much concentrated TechnoFresh® to continue control. 2 LBS should last about 4-6 months with normal use. Your usage will depend on you specific situation. (the record is 3.5 years on a two pound bottle) 

TechnoFresh® can only be purchased online from our web site.

This gives us, a small company, nationwide coverage with low sales overhead.


Ordering and Shipping information:

Selecting the Add to Cart Buttons (found below)
will take you to a secure site operated by PayPal where
you can use any major credit card
or your existing Pay Pal account.

We do not see any credit card information

We cannot take orders over the phone.

Orders are accumulated through the week and
are shipped on Wednesday or Thursday
arriving early the next week

 We use Priority US Mail because it is cheapest way.

Not to get the purchase to you quickly.

TechnoFresh is very heavy and surprisingly, the flat rate of priority mail is the best bargain

The shipping cost is the actual amount charged by the USPS rounded up to the next dollar

However to save money,
consider buying with friends to get extra benefit from the flat rate shipping:

We get many orders that are for 3 to 4 containers at a time

You can mix or match any sizes or quantities 
when purchasing multiple containers
and you will get one $14.00 flat rate shipping for all

To select multiple sizes, all the buttons go to the same shopping cart at PayPa
Use the “Instructions” field to provide additional or alternate shipping addresses as you wish.


If your order is so large it requires more than one box
- we will pay for the extra shipping - we're extra friendly like that  ;-)

If there are no alternate address fields send us an email.

If you would like to purchase by check click the “Checks button for info.

Small 1 lb bottle

Large 2 lb bottle

Extra Large 5 lb bottle

Large 2 lb Jar  (with scoop)





$8.00 shipping

$14.00 Shipping

$14.00 shipping

$14.00 shipping

Single Item Total

$ 23.95

$ 44.95

$ 88.95

$ 47.40





We always try to help our customers.

Whether the issue is a really stinky machine or a special request. Use the special instructions field on the order form, the comments page of this site, or the E-mail / snail mail addresses on the left side of every page below the buttons to contact us.

Sorry, we do not have telephone support because we are so small it isn’t practical

Sorry, I can not accept orders from outside the United States.

Along the Northern Colorado Front Range

 TechnoFresh® can be purchased at:
 on 287 near 402 in South Loveland

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We offer a 20% “Thank You!” discount to Veterans and other Service Members

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Click for Button for Details on providing Proof of Service (DD 214 )


Bottle Refills

Returning bottles for refilling doesn't work out because of the costs of shipping and handling to get the empty bottle back to us are much greater than the cost of a new bottle.

All chemicals and packaging made in USA