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Why Do Front Load Washers Smell
Washing Machine Cleaner
washer cleaner mold

Now, you've discovered the “Smelly Washer Problem”!

Can't get the laundry into the dryer fast enough? Mildew smells from dryer or washing machine? 

You have slimy bacteria or black mold on the door gasket of your smelly washing machine?

The whole laundry room has a musty smell, not just the washing machine.

Mildew smelling bath or kitchen towels?

Dark mystery stains, spots, or smudges on dark colors after washing laundry?

Baby diaper rash, “big-baby” jock itch or other personal itching or rashes that come and go for no reason?

You can buy a common washing machine cleaner for washer smells and other problems.

But a lot of times the the washing machine cleaner doesn't work. And, you don't find out until after a few loads of laundry are run.

Do you have time for that kind of stuff ?!

If not, try:

TechnoFresh® !

No other Product Works Like TechnoFresh®

TechnoFresh® is Patented!

U.S.Patent No. 9,157,053

TechnoFresh® Prevents Mold, Fungus and Bacteria from Growing In the  Machine in the First Place.

Your Washer Stays cleaner Week after Week!

TechnoFresh® is Guaranteed to Work

or You Get Your Money Back!

No other product offers a Guarantee

No other product is Patented


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