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Now, you've discovered the “Smelly Washer Problem”!

Can't get the laundry into the dryer fast enough? Mildew smells from dryer or washing machine? 

You have slimy bacteria or black mold on the door gasket of your smelly washing machine?

The whole laundry room has a musty smell, not just the washing machine.

Mildew smelling bath or kitchen towels?

Dark mystery stains, spots, or smudges on dark colors after washing laundry?

Baby diaper rash, “big-baby” jock itch or other personal itching or rashes that come and go for no reason?


You can buy a common washing machine cleaner for washer smells and other problems.

But a lot of times the the washing machine cleaner doesn't work. And, you don't find out until after a few loads of laundry are run.

Do you have time for that kind of stuff ?!

If not, try:

 TechnoFresh® !

Keep Your Washing Machine Clean or Your Money Back!

TechnoFresh® is Unique.

It Keeps Mold, Fungus and Bacteria from Growing on the Rotting Residue In the  Machine in the First Place.

Washer Stays Cleaner Week after Week!

TechnoFresh® is also an Extremely Effective Sport Wash/ Soak.


The Sales Pitch:

I am a retired engineer that has spent more than 35 years supporting cleaning processes of all kinds. I have a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and a Master of Environmental Water Quality Management.

 I created TechnoFresh ® because I have a HE Front Loader and none of the other methods worked for me. I was always forgetting to do the shock treatment. Or, I ran the shock treatment and it did not work that well. So, I came  up with a material combination that did work in my situation. It is cost effective, easy to use and it keeps the biofilm growth and odor under control continuously.

Now that I have something that works really, really well, I decided  to offer it on the internets through this web site. It is a simple, homemade site intended to provide you with all the information you need to solve your problem(s).

If you follow the instructions TechnoFresh® will always work. That is why TechnoFresh® is unconditionally guaranteed to work or you get your money back.

The Short Story:

-- The smelly washer / black mold problems are caused by detergent and softener residue that coats the walls of HE Washing Machines and trap organic materials like fibers and dirt. Because of the damp environment in the washing machine between wash days these materials rot.

-- Mold, fungus and bacteria slime grow on the rotting stuff and cause the smells in the washing machine. Some of these nasties are transfered to clothes, towels, diapers and so on. Then they begin to grow and stink when they get damp again with sweat, humidity and whatever. They cause the mildew odor, rashes and irritation.

-- There are many ways of cleaning a washing machine to remove the residue detergent. They need to be repeated every month. During the month the nasties are growing back and getting transfered to the laundry. After a month the smell becomes unbearable and the cleaning is repeated.

-- When cleaning your washing machine I suggest you do it with our home recipe washing machine cleaner SuperShock  process. It will be more effective than any of the washing machine cleaners available in packets or tablets.

-- TechnoFresh is used after the front loading HE washing machine has been cleaned using any method you like:

-- TechnoFresh is different. Use TechnoFresh a couple of times a week and the TechnoFresh will contaminate the detergent film that builds up in the washing machine and the nasties won’t be able to grow in the washing machine and transfer to the laundry. You will be able to leave damp laundry in the washing machine up to 48 hours without the mildew smells returning. You may end up cleaning your front loading washing machine only once or twice a year.


The Smelly Washing Machine Story

This page is meant to explain how we ended up with the smelly washing machine problems in the first place. It also explains common washing machine cleaning cleaning methods.

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The TechnoFresh Story

We also explain how Technofresh works and why it is effective in controlling smells and odors in front load HE washing machines when nothing else works.

Remember: TechnoFresh is so effective we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


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Other People's  Problems

This site is also meant to be an encyclopedia of washing machine cleaning problems, solutions and explanations to questions sent to me over the years. A table of contents is found on the Smelly Washer Community FAQs page

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Nu Fresh LLC  has been in business since 2008 and I have been asked most of the questions possible regarding the problems of cleaning a smelly HE front loading washing machine.

If your problem is not on the list please contact me!

I would love to have a new problem to work on.