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Need a Washing Machine Cleaner?

Front Load Washer Problems?

Smelly Washing Machine?

Washing Machine Cleaner

Mold or Mildew Odor from Your Towels / Laundry

We Answer All Your Questions!

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To find out what is happening go to the Why the smell? page

Why did the smell appear in the new machines? - Go to the So, Whats Going On? Page

For information on some common Shock Cleaning methods go to the Washing Machine Cleaner page


For instructions to scrub gasket mold -- click the Gasket Mold button.

For info on controlling mysterious dark spots or smudges on dark color items after washing and drying -- click on the Mystery Spots button

For info on mildew smell in dryers click on the Mildew smell in Dryers button.

Standard (Old Style) Top Loader with these problems click on Standard Top Loaders button.

The rest of the site is just more information for you to use as needed.


You've discovered the “Smelly Washing Machine Problem” !

Can't get the laundry into the dryer fast enough? Mildew smells from dryer or washing machine? 

Baby diaper rash, “big-baby” jock itch or other personal itching or rashes that come and go for no reason?

You have slimy bacteria or black mold on the door gasket of your washing machine?

The whole laundry room has a musty smell, not just the washing machine.

Mildew smelling bath or kitchen towels?

Dark mystery stains, spots, or smudges on dark colors after washing laundry?


Have you also discovered that all of these problems are related?

They all involve the new HE Washing Machines and the new Low Suds Detergents,


On the other hand, Everyone's Situation is Also Unique!

Different Machine Brands, Makes and Models, Different Detergent Brands, Different Softener Brands, Different Wash Schedules, Different Water Temperatures, Different Fabrics, Different Soil Types

and Most Importantly: Different Amounts of Detergent and Softener Used In Each Load


Your Unique Situation is Why Your Friend / Neighbor Ideas Don’t Work for You.

And, that can take a little bit of explaining...


Hi, I am a retired chemical engineer with decades of high tech cleaning experience.

I have a front load washer with a really bad mold/smell problem.

 None of the “regular” methods worked for me.

So, after a lot of thinking, I figured out what is going on and how to fix it. 

I share the explanations with you on this site.

After doing that, I developed a wash additive to solve the problem for myself.

It worked extremely well. (Patent Pending)

I was really surprised to be able to leave damp laundry in the washer for more than 48 hrs without smell problems.

Then, in 2008 I created a company, Nu Fresh LLC, and called the product TechnoFresh®.


Things have changed with these new high tech machines.

So, the site has a lot of information.

That makes it look like things are really complicated.

Well, it is not complicated.   The site is just long winded to make it easier to understand.

It is a simple, but effective, homemade site.

The pages are like short magazine articles on a specific issue.

I tell you what is going on inside the washing machine.

I explain why the mold and mildew are growing there and causing the smells, rashes, and other problems in the first place.

The only way to be successful in controlling odors is to understand what is going on.

I explain some of the ways to control odor that have been provided by the manufacturers and service people over the years. But in many situations these are not effective.

That is why we sell TechnoFresh®


After a few minutes of reading the site, you will understand what is happening.

 You will pick a method that works for your machine, your family and your wash schedule.

Then things go back to just doing the laundry.


You can buy a common washing machine cleaner for washer smells and other problems.

But a lot of times they don’t work. And, you don't find out until a few loads of laundry are run.

Do you have time for that kind of stuff ?!

If not, try:

 TechnoFresh® !

  Only Easy to Use TechnoFresh®, is Guaranteed to Solve all Those Problems.

Keep Your Washing Machine Clean or Your Money Back!

TechnoFresh® is Unique. It Keeps Mold, Fungus and Bacteria from Growing in the Machine in the First Place.

So, the Washer Stays Cleaner Week after Week!

TechnoFresh® is also an Extremely Effective Sport Wash.


TechnoFresh® is the high tech answer to the problems you have with your high tech HE front loading washing machine.

TechnoFresh® gasket cleaning and washer odor control eliminates the need to buy an expensive new washer because your machine is “hopelessly smelly and moldy” and other products haven’t worked.

TechnoFresh® works completely different from other products. Other products are shock treatments that require a separate shock load every month or so.

TechnoFresh® is a powder that is added to a few loads every week along with your detergent. It is not a separate shock treatment. You chose when and how much to use through the week. You are not forced to run an “emergency” shock because the smell exploded.

TechnoFresh® kills the mold, mildew and bacteria that grow in the machine so that they flush out of the machine naturally.

TechnoFresh® stays on the walls of the machine plumbing and continuously controls the mold and mildew. Shock treatments allow new growth and its contamination of the laundry between shocks. How smelly the machine and laundry get through the month depends on how well you time the shock treatments.

TechnoFresh® is different. It sanitizes the loads it is used in. Then it suppresses mold and mildew growth during the period of time between wash days.

TechnoFresh® is extremely cost effective. It is super concentrated - no fillers.

TechnoFresh® can be used with any detergent or laundry additive.

TechnoFresh® can be used with any fabric or water temp.

TechnoFresh® has no fragrance or scent oils. It works. It does not need perfume.

TechnoFresh® is safe for Septic Systems. No phosphates, nitrates, or chlorine.

TechnoFresh® can only be purchased online from this web site. This gives us national coverage and keeps the cost down.


There are quotes from customer's emails all through this site.

The intent is to provide you with a perspective on the problems from the view of others. Some of the comments are kinda embarrassing but they are reprinted as received.

Personally, I don’t put much stock in testimonials.

The thing that should matter is the no hassle, money back guarantee if TechnoFresh® does not work as well as desired.

These emails are provided to show you there is a large community with these problems.

You are not alone...

I just ordered my second 2 lb. jar of TechnoFresh.  You have a fantastic product!  I have severe asthma and the moldy washing machine made it worse.   The chlorine products for the washing machine can only be used when I’m not in the house, and they never work very well, anyway.

 I am so very glad you sell this product, as it works as promised and has no strong odor.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

 Galen N

Vilonia, AR


I thought the smell that built up in my front-load washer was going to be a permanent nuisance.  What was worse was that the smell was increasing in intensity.  I tried the vinegar method.  No change.  I was skeptical that this “garage-engineered” product would work.  But I had to try and see.  Wonder of wonders, it does exactly what it is advertised to do.  It took two shock treatments and another month of using TechnoFresh in every load.  Now there is no smell at all.  I’m back in love with my washing machine.  I’m using far less detergent – a nice little savings.  And one capful of TechnoFresh a week is keeping things as I would hope.  I’m a confirmed buyer.  Thanks for an excellent product!

Ora, TX

Be Smart, Keep it Clean, get TechnoFresh™ Now!


You may wonder why I am giving you info on other cleaning methods that could cut into TechnoFresh® sales. Well, I support environmental initiatives and I want this type of washing machine to be successful. They really do work well when used correctly. They also save water and electricity which is a good thing.

So, whatever method works for you, your family, and your washing schedule..

.... it is the correct answer.

But, I think a lot of you will come back eventually. Because this can be a difficult problem to solve.


Washing machine cleaner

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